POC as a Service

An exceptionally unique and tailored experience

Our POC as a Service enables testing Okta integration scenarios in an environment outside of your own IT estate. We deploy environments in hours and days. You may have an in-flight project requiring troubleshooting in a separate environment, or you may be at the product selection phase needing to test the art-of-the-possible.

As a leading public sector Okta partner, Innovate IT has designed and deployed Okta solutions supporting tens of thousands of users utilising a broad range of SaaS and on-premise applications and services.

  • We will configure the proof of concept solution
  • Test Okta integration scenarios
  • We can help test bespoke application integrations with Okta
  • Work with your developers to test and configure APIs
  • Use external systems with custom generated test data
  • Avoid development delays caused by internal change and security processes

Start with the core Okta platform

Try Okta with…

  • Single Sign-On
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor
  • Universal Directory
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • API Access Management
  • Access Gateway
  • Advanced Server Access
  • Workflows
  • Conditional Access Policies
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Then add products as the ingredients

M365 logo

…Microsoft 365

Federate Okta with M365, test the user experience, customise access policies, demonstrate how Okta can be utilised for M365 granular licensing provisioning and check out how Okta Workflows can be configured to automate secure and very convenient Joiners, Movers, Leavers (JML) processes.


Integrate Slack with Okta to demonstrate the user provisioning and management possibilities with one of the World’s most popular messaging SaaS products.


Configure Okta MFA for AWS Workspaces, federate AWS organisation with Okta for centralised identity provisioning, SSO, and role based access control (RBAC). No more silo identity stores!

…G Suite

Federate G Suite with Okta for centralised identity and access management control to applications, email and data. Simplifying Enterprise support.

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Protect Your Business.